Do you remember the embarrassment you felt when you were caught wanking?

As a teen lad (18+), you were always playing with your cock and needed to shoot your spunk several times a day. Did your Mum or Dad ever come into your bedroom just as you were giving your cock a good rub?

Just about every guy has been caught wanking at some time or other.

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Caught wanking confessionsExtn Number
Had a wanking session with my mate in the bus shelter. We didn't care if we got caught776
Wanking with a gang of my scally mates on the street corner728
Teen lad (18+) wanks off in his bedroom. Will he get caught wanking?758
I wanked off a young guy (18+) whilst we sunbathed in the park761
Scally lads (18+) with their cocks out down an alley on the estate783
Teen lads (18+) have sex on double-decker bus784
Saw a well-fit lad (18+) on Manchester tram & we tossed each other off6374
Gang of lads (18+) on council estate wank off over someone's garden wall6377
Wanking in the open-air with my mates down the park6382
My mum's boyfriend caught me wanking4212

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